Children’s cuts: Boys and Girls

Kids hairdresser Paris

Babies, as of 12 months old, and children are taken care of in complete security: our hair stylists know perfectly well how to anticipate their movements.


Cepeda Coiffure welcomes children with pleasure: babies and little boys and girls. Our hair stylists do everything to ensure they have a very pleasant experience.

Children can be impatient, slightly anxious or simply against the idea of going to the hair salon. But let parents be assured, they can entrust their children, even babies, to our hair stylists with peace of mind. For 25 years children have come to our salon in security and after all these years we understand them inside out and know just what to do to make them leave with a smile.

Parents can stay at their side during the haircut or take advantage of this moment to run some errands: the salon is located in a shopping district.

We treat children and babies in priority and with an appointment so that you do not have to wait. The salon has special stools to elevate them comfortably and books for all ages are available to keep them busy…as well as a little surprise that is always offered to them at the end of the haircut.


Children Haircut Prices

  • Under 5 years old: 20 €
  • Under 12 years old: 25 €
  • Under 15 years old: 28 €