Men’s haircuts

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For three generations Cepeda Coiffure has continuously adapted the best in styles, trends and its client’s expectations. Whether you are a gel enthusiast, partial to short or long hair, or if you prefer a classic short cut, or on the contrary, a long style that is trendy and urban…For each generation, lifestyle and personality there is its own hairstyle.
After listening to your wishes and tastes, our hair stylists harmonize everything according to the shape of your face and your type of hair – resulting in a hairstyle that is fashionable and suits you best.

Scissor haircuts

Scissors allow for precision in the cut and easier shaping for the style. But that is not all. Elegance, originality or classicism: the scissor cut also offers flexibility in the choice of cutting because it allows for the correction of facial imperfections and a more artistic adaptation of hair volume, whether long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly.


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Razor haircuts

The razor haircut allows for a customized hairstyle with thinning for certain types of hair. For long hair, the natural effect is always guaranteed thanks to a classic or very modern layered technique. The choice of tools, clippers or straight razor, is determined by the type of hair and the desired result.
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Modern man no longer has anything to envy of women. He is more and more attentive to his appearance and gives great importance to taking care of his hair, notably to diminishing grey hair.

Cover 5 professional gel coloring Cover 5 by L’Oréal Professionnel

Grey hair coloring Majirouge Majirel by L’Oréal Professionnel

Gel coloring without ammonia, specific for men, with a very short application time: five minutes. Cover 5 fades grey hair transparently for a result that is soft and natural.
Coloring that completely covers grey hair. For best results, a coloring method that involves picking on the temples, leaving a few grey hairs for a natural salt and pepper effect.


Hair implants

Long considered a cumbersome process, hair implants have become a common and natural practice that simply requires being guided by the right professionals.

Our team of hair stylists have met with numerous specialists and attended many hair implant operations in order to be able to best guide our clients wishing to be well informed about hair implants.

Don’t hesitate: if you have a question, a doubt or if you would simply like an opinion from a good hair stylist, we are here to help you.


Hair care

We propose a line of professional and high tech hair care products to our customers in order to:

  • Efficiently resolve their hair problems
  • Create a look
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Hair beard care by American Crew

The salon uses and sells L’Oreal professional and American Crew products for each type of hair and adapted for daily use:

  • The L’Oreal professional shampoo line with sleek, soft and easy to rinse textures
  • The American Crew shampoo line specially adapted for men’s hair problems and to remove hair product residue
  • Nourishing dry hair
  • Root volume feeding the ends
  • Color fixer
  • Purifying anti-dandruff
  • Protecting renovator
  • Plant-based tonic lotion, hair health, vitality and beauty
  • Foaming mousse rinse for grey hair
  • Grey anti-yellowing silver
  • Natural light grey
  • Dark grey
  • Hair wax, cream and ointment medium or strong and with different degrees of brilliance
  • Anti-dandruff spray hair gel for high precision shaping and a flexible hold