Customers gives their reviews on the hairdresser

Hairdresser client reviews

Arthur M., 32 years old, Boulogne Billancourt

“I went to get my hair cut at Cepeda Coiffure upon the recommendation of a friend after having asked him if he knows a good hair stylist for men in Paris. What kindness and efficiency. I will be back!”


Sylvie G., 39 years old, Paris 8

“My husband and I brought my 6 year old daughter and my 9 year old boy to get their hair cut at Cepeda Coiffure (Duban Coiffure at the time). The team was so courteous and the hair stylists very patient with the children. After their haircuts they were able to get seated and read comic books when it was their father’s turn. The whole family came out happy. I highly recommend the salon!”


André L., 40 years old, Paris 15

“Always having had disappointing experiences at the hair stylist, I went to my appointment dragging my feet. I was quickly reassured by the great ambiance in the salon. They use American Crew products which I didn’t know and the price for a cut and a beard trim is correct given the impeccable service.”


Robin R., 34 years old, Paris 16

“After having long hair for years I felt like a change. I was not disappointed. I went to my appointment with a knot in my stomach; I was used to my long hair and I was afraid to get it cut short. What a shock during the cut to see my hair fall to the ground by handfuls…but what a result! I don’t regret it one second.”


Pierre L. 38 years old, Neuilly sur Seine

“I have a round face and protruding ears. The hair stylist that took care of me gave very good advice and I came out with a fashionable cut adapted specifically to my face. My wife was very pleasantly surprised by the change.”


Alexandre T., 29 years old, Paris 16

“I wanted a cut that was a bit out of the ordinary, without being extravagant. The hair stylists took the time to understand what I wanted, all while studying the particularities of my face, and never losing patience. Finally the result I have been looking for.”


Catherine F., 44 years old, Saint Germain en laye

“I was tired of my husband having a hairstyle like the ace of spades. After a bit of research and reading on the Internet, I saw that the Cepeda Coiffure salon (Duban Coiffure) was known for its specialty in men’s hair styling. I took an appointment for a makeover. Since being in the expert hands of Sergio my husband is not the same man. His unruly hair and his unkempt beard are only a bad memory.”


Amaury T., 27 years old, Paris 16

“I have curly hair and I had always had hair stylists that didn’t know how to style them well…until my appointment at Cepeda Coiffure (Duban Coiffure). The hair stylist explained to me what wouldn’t be suitable and proposed other possibilities to me. We really took the time to discuss what I wanted before moving on to a cut or a makeover. For once, I didn’t have the impression that my curly hair was a pain.”


David C, 38 years old, Paris 2

“After being stuck in the metro I arrived late and stressed to my appointment. I apologized and they immediately took care of me. Despite being 30 minutes late the hair stylist did not rush my cut. She was very friendly and remained attentive from the beginning to the end.”


Alain M., 53 years old, Lille

“While in Paris for a conference I took advantage of some free time in between two meeting to get my hair cut. I didn’t expect such a result. Given the compliments from my work colleagues, I can’t wait to see the reaction of my wife and kids when I go back home.”


Gabriel C., 32 years old, Paris 16

“It has been 2 years now that I am a regular customer at this salon and the welcome is always the best. I go every 2 or 3 months to enhance my haircut and Sergio is always very attentive to my desires of the moment.”


Olivia V., 27 years old, Paris 16

“I went with my boyfriend to get his hair cut. We had just moved to the 16th arrondissement in Paris and we were looking for a neighborhood hair stylist. My boyfriend was thrilled and is sure to go back. I am still looking…when will there be a hair salon as good as Cepeda Coiffure for women?”